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Take your Digital Ads to a whole new level with Perth's best. Talk to us today about how we can help you thrive with our incredibly advanced tech systems, customer psychology, dashboard skills & marketing/audience knowledge. All communicated simply and efficiently to you.

$75m AUD Experience Across All Ad Platforms, Types & Markets

We are a Perth based Digital Ad Management team. We manage all your digital advertising for you. We are specialists purely in this. We aren’t a website agency or creative agency. We are tenacious about getting you the best value out of every ad dollar you spend.

Being specialists we know every detail your ad managers should know. No more confusion or lack of reporting, we’re here to get you the continual best performance every month.


Google Ads

People are searching for your business. Capture them at the lowest cost.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Generate leads or build awareness with breathtaking creative & targeted audiences.


Display Ads

Hyper target your customers utilising your customers' online activity.


Retargeting Ads

Stalk, encourage and follow your lost sales of the 90-98% that haven’t converted yet.


YouTube Ads

High engagement, incredible targeting, great for branding.


Social Media Management

Consistency, Vibe & Data are at the core of our successful SMM campaigns.



We collect all sorts of data on your customers to refine & reduce ad wastage.


Publisher & Traditional Media

From Spotify, News Corp, West Australian through to Radio, Outdoor and TV.

Tenacity is for Everyone

Power Your Company, Team, or Agency With The Best.

With Tenacity, You Get More.

Not all agencies or ad managers are created equal. We continually take over ad accounts to find shocking mismanagement and poor results. Even from the 'award winners' or those that charge extortionate fees. As such we've created this grid that gives you a picture of our industry so you can make the right decision. Obviously, we're not perfect either and some agencies don't fit this bill but it's a generalisation of what we see.

Web AgencySEO AgencyBoutique AgencyBig Media AgencyBig DigitalFreelance / ConsultingIn-HouseOffshore
Daily Monitoring
Time in Account
3rd Party Tech
Custom Systems
Ad writing skills
Winning Creative Ads
Bidding Work

How We Operate


Director Driven

Nothing is palmed off or outsourced. Every decision is Director Driven.


Systematic Excellence

We’ve built an in-house web of filters to pick up hundreds of data points off every 1 click.


Best In Market Monitoring

We’re fed a list of pulses, notifications, reminders & have automated rules.


AI Tech

We’ve invested heavily into AI tech that does what no human can do.


Simple Pricing

Once a month easy low-cost pricing with Direct Debit or 30 Day Credit options.


Constant Updates

We tell you what’s happening before you have to ask.



We intend to partner with clients for the long haul. It’s a marriage.


Security & Confidentiality

You won’t find your private success stories plastered on our website.


Quick Support

Most of our emails are responded to within the hour and at worst 24hrs.


No Lock-In Contracts

If we’re not delivering, leave us. It's that simple and we’re that confident.


We Prove Our Results

We take deep dives into your results & data to showcase our impact.


Satisfaction Guarantee

#goodvibesonly is our motto, we don’t fuss or politicise, just get results.

Brands that Trust Us

Pick a Plan that Works for Your Business Model

When we start with each client we investigate the best possible Ad Types & Channels to use. We research what budget is required to reach or capture your audience effectively and what will give the best ROI or bang for your buck! We also take into account what media you have available to use in your ads and can pre-assess how well your website will perform. The below pricing is just a generalisation to give you an idea of the budgets required.


$1000 per month
  • 1x Ad Type (3mth minimum). Cancel anytime
  • All spend & fees included & detailed
  • Custom Monthly Report & Commentary
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Updates
  • Expertly Managed inc all AI & Tenacity Systems
  • Results Driven Optimizations & Ad Changes


$2500 per month
  • 2-3 Ad Types (3mth minimum). Cancel anytime.
  • All spend & fees included & detailed
  • Custom Monthly Report & Commentary
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Updates
  • Expertly Managed inc all AI & Tenacity Systems
  • Results Driven Optimizations & Ad Changes


$3k - $200k per month
  • Best Ad Types selected
  • All spend & fees included & detailed on media plan
  • Custom Monthly Report & Commentary
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Updates
  • Expertly Managed inc all AI & Tenacity Systems
  • Results Driven Optimizations & Ad Changes

Success Stories

What Happens Without Tenacity

We have a unique scenario with one client where we can showcase our results prior to them moving to another agency and then returning to us 6 months later.

In September 2019 the client moved to another agency until March 10thwhen they returned to us. Our Tenacity monthly leads were 1700 vs the other agencies 591 or 281% improvement with Tenacity. Furthermore, on Facebook, our best month in the period was 532 leads vs their best 212 leads or a 251% improvement with Tenacity.

Key reasons for our improvement in performance come down to our complete understanding of the dashboards &algorithms, delivering on innovative ideas, understanding the brand, maintaining effective project management and our tenacity to solve our client's problems.

The Power Of Tenacity

Not all clients are always heavily performance-based. For a lot of clients, the key goal is to consistently build awareness.

With the media landscape changing so much we typically recommend using Digital channels to compliment Traditional channels or replace what Traditional Media used to do for them. We often extend TV buys across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

For these types of clients we set up different goals to maximise spend and generate more eyeballs, meanwhile further down the funnel we might help them capture potential customers.

To show our impact we report both on established metrics but also based on attributing total revenue shifts to marketing. Whether it's building a new brand (we increased one client's traffic 1300% in 1 month), powering up your digital footprint (we took one client from 0 likes to 30k likes in 6 months) or making you a powerhouse name (we consistently run some of Perth’s top branding campaigns) you can trust in our experience and skills to get you there.

Tenacity vs “Award” Winning Agencies

We took over a Real Estate based client from an “award winning agency” that locks clients into contracts and gives them no transparency by only allowing you to access their misleading dashboard.

Rather than clearly telling you fees vs spend, they mark up the cost per click. We surmised for every $1000, this agency was keeping $700. This meant the cost per clicks were 500% more than we bought them for, 1500% more cost per impression than we bought them for, poor positioning and terrible account set up & management.

The clients click rate improved from 0.75% to 6.7% with us as the previous agency had very poor business acumen and didn’t realise the difference between a $300k property and $1m property.

They were also reporting “test form conversions” as real leads. This meant that the cost per lead was $643 and we eventually got this down to $88. Another “award winning agency” we had the privilege of improving is one of Australia’s most awarded.

The client was simply not happy with the “salesy responses” from the agency and just wanted a real look at what was happening. We sat with them for 1hr and guided them through theirGoogle Ads account. We were able to show them why the results weren’t as efficient as it could be. In this one hour we improved their cost per lead from $154 to $64. Unfortunately we see this a lot, just another reason a transparent and director-driven agency is what you need.

Your Digital Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads done right is no easy task. It takes good dashboard understanding and business acumen. We also have AI technology plugged in that monitors your account 24/7. We have our own data checklist system that ensures everything in our account is managed as efficiently as possible, all the time. There is so much more for us to tell you but you’ll have to contact us for more info!

Facebook & Instagram Ads

As a trusted Facebook Marketing Partner we were one of the first agencies in Perth to advertise on Facebook. We have grown with the platform and know every little algorithm tweak necessary to maximise your spending on Facebook and Instagram. We can save clients so much by just the simplest recommendations that other agencies sadly do not know. We have our own internal creative studio to create simple yet innovative ads that meet the strict guidelines and we work with other agencies or producers for high-level quality ads & video content. For the full info please contact us today.

Display & Youtube Ads

Display Ads using static images and Youtube Ads using TV Ads or long-form videos are great visual engaging media channels. But it’s the fact we are tapping into the pools of data that is collected when users search on Google that really sets these channels from the rest. We can build out nearly every audience you can imagine to target a refined in-market customer.

Social Media Management

Instead of posting for the sake of posting, we apply your data to come up with smart content that will connect deeper with your audiences. We have our own internal creative studio that builds your evergreen content on demand. We can cover your entire social media needs or just one channel and have a range of packages to suit all sizes.

Other Media

We can also run native article campaigns on Outbrain, social ads on TikTok & LinkedIn, or audio ads on Spotify. We’re also part of Australia’s largest media buying network giving you access to publishers like The West, Perth now, 10play, 7plus, Nine Now and many more. And finally, our ads don’t just run digitally only, we can help with your TV, Radio, Outdoor or Newspaper bookings.

Reporting, Analytics & Tracking

Our reporting is customised for you. It's manually performed and we write you an email explaining it monthly. No automated reports here! We’re also connected to your Analytics and we manage the Tracking of your website data so we are always the first to tell you if there’s a problem in your performance or your tracking is broken.

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Copyright @ Tenacity Advertising 2021

Copyright @ Tenacity Advertising 2021